Month: June 2011

The Salty Truth

Every winter, millions of tons of de-icing salts are dumped on roads, driveways, and sidewalks to prevent vehicle and pedestrian accidents. But did you know excessive salt can cause widespread damage to trees, possibly causing permanent decline and even death? According to the Tree Care Industry Association, even severe salt damage may not be visible … Continue reading The Salty Truth

Tree Trivia

 Test your knowledge on tree facts…  1. What tree has the widest canopy in the world? 2. What is the oldest living thing on earth?  3. Which of the following  building materials is renewable?        a) cement b) steel c) brick d) wood 4. What is the name for the type of trees that produce cones? … Continue reading Tree Trivia


If you are considering a project  and would like recommendations, K.C. Arborist can provide you with numerous first-rate contractors, landscapers, and clientele. Please give us a call and we will happily refer you to a trusted company. Please keep us in mind for referrals as well! approximately 80% of our business originates from our referral … Continue reading Referrals

Your Trees Will Thank You

With the summer months upon us, many home owners are dusting off the gardening gloves and eagerly jumping into landscape projects. Two of the most beneficial things a home owner can do for the health of their trees is to fertilize them on an annual basis and mulch. When applied properly, mulch significantly reduces water … Continue reading Your Trees Will Thank You

A Branch of Competition

This year K.C. Arborist is proud to announce its sponsorship of the annual Midwestern ISA Tree Climbing championships! It has been thirteen years since the competition was held in Kansas City, which makes this year very exciting! The events take place on Saturday, June 6 at Swope Park from 7:30am to 7:00pm. We invite you … Continue reading A Branch of Competition

What’s New for K.C. Arborist?

Summer is here, and K.C. Arborist has been busy expanding! In order to provide our customers  with complete and professional tree care  maintenance, we have  purchased a new grapple truck for debris and log hauling. Also, in the last year we have added a new 65′ bucket truck to our   fleet. This truck improves our … Continue reading What’s New for K.C. Arborist?

Buried Alive: Properly Plant a Tree

Homeowners spend hundreds of dollars each year on new trees which eventually die because they were planted too deeply. Proper planting is essential for the failure or success of a young tree. Don’t waste your money this year: Follow these planting guidelines: •Measure the height and diameter of the root ball or root spread •Dig … Continue reading Buried Alive: Properly Plant a Tree