Tree Care Services For Basehor, KS

K.C. Arborist is a professional tree care company that offers services at commercial, residential and municipally owned property in Bucyrus, Kan. Having beautiful landscaping is an important part of any lawn, but tree preservation requires a knowledgeable expert. There are several pests, including the emerald ash borer that can destroy a tree without careful control or remediation. Our geographic region is under a quarantine to control the pervasive emerald ash borer insect that is known for decimating ash trees. The best way to avoid insect invasions into the trees on any property is prevention, but our arborists can also save trees that are contaminated with specialized methods that include drenching the soil around the tree’s roots, and this is also recommended for healthy trees to prevent infestation. This tree health care is suggested by experts on an annual basis to keep ash trees lush and beautiful.

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It is possible for our arborists to perform multiple tree services during one visit to save time and money, and we can perform tree pruning at the same time. Tree trimming is a difficult process for anyone without the correct equipment and knowledge because there are dangers from nearby power lines, wildlife and falling branches. There are great reasons to have a tree’s branches removed, including removing diseased or broken limbs that can fall on electrical power lines, vehicles or buildings. If branches are hanging too low over streets and sidewalks, then a property owner is legally responsible for removing the items to prevent injury to pedestrians or damage to vehicles. At the same, too much tree pruning can create an unhealthy tree that will often die.

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The trees around buildings or in parks provide several vital functions that include preventing soil erosion, providing shade and creating an attractive landscaping. Trees offer a place for birds and animals to live, and our customers enjoy having trees on their properties. Strategically placed trees can keep a home warmer or cooler and also create privacy. With our professional tree services, we can eliminate problems such as blight, fungus and nutrient deficiencies in addition to preventing invasion by spider mites. Tree preservation from our arborists also includes caring for root systems with chemical applications or removing roots that are girdling a tree’s trunk. K.C. Arborist also provides emergency services after storms damage trees in Bucyrus, and customers can contact us with an online form or telephone call to 913-390-0033.