Your Trees Will Thank You

With the summer months upon us, many home owners are dusting off the gardening gloves and eagerly jumping into landscape projects. Two of the most beneficial things a home owner can do for the health of their trees is to fertilize them on an annual basis and mulch. When applied properly, mulch significantly reduces water loss from soil, minimizes weed competition, improves soil structure, and helps protect damage from lawn equipment. Trees that are fertilized, watered, and mulched are also more resistant to disease pathogens and insect pests. However, applying the mulch properly is a critical task. Thousands of trees are lost each year due to improper mulching techniques. Below are some helpful tips to remember this season:
– Apply the mulch around the base of the tree, do not mound the mulch up against the trunk.
– Don’t over mulch, only 2-4″ is necessary.
– Mulching out to the dripline (branch ends) or further is the most beneficial.
– Remember to apply the mulch wide, not high.
Also keep in mind that mulch is beneficial to trees all year round. Not only does it retain moisture in the summer, it also serves as nature’s insulating blanket for trees in the winter months. As always, we recommend the fertilization of all urban trees on an annual basis to keep them resistant to disease and insects. A little known fact is the added benefit of soil aeration, (decreasing soil compaction, which is very beneficial to the trees roots) resulting from the hydraulic soil injection process. Remember, premium Doggett’s Fertilizer, unlike salt-based fertilizers can be used all year depending on ground conditions. If you are not currently enrolled in a plant health care program with K.C. Arborist this season, it’s not too late to keep your trees green! Please give us a call and we will create a program specific for your landscape needs.
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