A Branch of Competition

Tree Climbing Champions KC ArboristThis year K.C. Arborist is proud to announce its sponsorship of the
annual Midwestern ISA Tree Climbing championships! It has been thirteen
years since the competition was held in Kansas City, which makes this year
very exciting! The events take place on Saturday, June 6 at Swope Park
from 7:30am to 7:00pm. We invite you to come out and watch the
arborists, including Kansas City’s very own Brandon Hendrickson.
Each arborist competes in five different climbing events; aerial rescue,
throw line, footlock, belayed speed climb, and work climb. The competitors
are timed and judged based on technique and skilled abilities. This
championship is a long standing tradition within the ISA and it truly gives
the arborists a chance to showcase their talents. If you have any
questions regarding the championship or directions to Swope Park feel free
to call 913.390.0033. We hope to see you there!