Kansas City Tree Services

K.C. Arborist is a professional tree service company committed to providing flawless execution of arboricultural services that enhance the beauty, health and safety of trees. Our approach to tree care is to predefine the services that are necessary and prioritize work functions over a period of time that best fits into your budget. The objective is to provide necessary care and safety to your trees while eliminating expensive crisis calls.

Our company provides a complete line of professional tree care services from Lees Summit to Overland Park, to help maintain and preserve our clients valuable landscapes. We believe we provide the highest quality care for your trees because we adhere to the strictest of standards and use only the highest quality products and equipment. Doing so allows us to provide our clients with consistent, dependable and high quality results!

Why Use an Arborist?

Sure, you could hire just a tree trimmer if you need your trees pruned. But the damage done by not trimming trees properly could be very costly to your tree and your wallet. An untrained tree trimmer can make beginner mistakes like pruning a tree too severely or trimming it at the wrong time of year. Mistakes like these can result in the tree’s growth being stunted, leaving the tree more prone to disease or insect infestation or sometimes, the death of the tree.

Arborists are trained in tree care way beyond pruning. An arborist is a tree specialist who will not only know the proper way and time of year to prune a particular tree, but can recognize tree and shrub diseases and insects and will know the safest and best way to treat the problem. Arborists are also experts on fertilization and preservation. So when you hire an arborist to trim your trees or bushes, you’re getting a specialist who can recognize problems before they damage your plants beyond repair. Most times, trees and shrubs can be preserved if treated early enough with sprays or injections.

Trees take years to mature, sometimes decades, but only days to destroy if treated improperly. If your trees are important to you, hire a certified arborist to make sure they get the best care so you can enjoy them for years to come.