Tree Trivia

 Test your knowledge on tree facts… 

1. What tree has the widest canopy in the world?

2. What is the oldest living thing on earth? 

3. Which of the following  building materials is renewable?

       a) cement b) steel c) brick d) wood

4. What is the name for the type of trees that produce cones?

5. What is the name for the type of trees that lose all their

6. Name two trees with animals in their names. 

7. How does growing trees help combat global warming?

8. How many trees are planted in the U.S. each year?

9. What percentage of the earth’s land surface is covered in forests?

      a) 10% b) 30% c) 65% d) 80%

10. Which of the following does not contain products that originate from a tree?

     a) toothpaste b) a football helmet c) artificial vanilla flavoring d) a Twinkie e) vitamins

11. Which of the following is strongest?

     a) a pound of glass b) a pound of steel c) a pound of wood d) a pound of concrete

12. How much wood does an average American use each year?

     a) 500 lbs b) 1000 lbs c) over 1 ton d) over 2 tons


Tree Trivia Answer Key

1. The banyan tree fits 2000 people under its 150 foot circumference.

2. No, not you, though you may feel that way some days. A bristlecone pine tree is 4,000 years old.

3. Wood is the only raw building material that increases its reserves annually.

4. Coniferous trees produce cones.

5. Deciduous trees lose their leaves or needles each year.

6. The dogwood and the horsechestnut.

7. Growing trees take in carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas!

8. 1.5 billion seedlings are handplanted each year.

9. 30% of the earth’s land surface is covered by forest.

10. None- they all contain products that come from trees.

11. Wood – pound for pound, woodis the strongest.

12. Over 1 ton of wood. Each yearan average American uses over

        43 cubic feet of wood and 681 lbs of paper, which is equivalent

        to one 100-foot tall tree, 18 inches in diameter