Category: Tree Care

Fall Into the New Season

With the summer months behind us, homeowners are now preparing their landscape for the fall season. September and October are perfect months to plant those new trees and shrubs. K.C. Arborist can assist you in the selection and installation of a perfect tree for your landscape. Along with planting new trees, K.C. Arborist has put … Continue reading Fall Into the New Season

Autumn Arboriculture

The one thing we can count on in Kansas City, each year is different weather. In 2009, we were blessed with one of the mildest summers on record. This summer however, we endured one of the hottest and driest late summers in recent history. Rainfall has been somewhat variable, but left most locations fairly wet … Continue reading Autumn Arboriculture

The Salty Truth

Every winter, millions of tons of de-icing salts are dumped on roads, driveways, and sidewalks to prevent vehicle and pedestrian accidents. But did you know excessive salt can cause widespread damage to trees, possibly causing permanent decline and even death? According to the Tree Care Industry Association, even severe salt damage may not be visible … Continue reading The Salty Truth

Buried Alive: Properly Plant a Tree

Homeowners spend hundreds of dollars each year on new trees which eventually die because they were planted too deeply. Proper planting is essential for the failure or success of a young tree. Don’t waste your money this year: Follow these planting guidelines: •Measure the height and diameter of the root ball or root spread •Dig … Continue reading Buried Alive: Properly Plant a Tree