Fall Into the New Season

With the summer months behind us, homeowners are now preparing their landscape for the fall season. September and October are perfect months to plant those new trees and shrubs. K.C. Arborist can assist you in the selection and installation of a perfect tree for your landscape. Along with planting new trees, K.C. Arborist has put together a helpful checklist of tasks to remember for this fall.


Have your oak trees inspected for kermes oak scale (see featured article) and other damaging insects

Have plant protectants applied to trees and shrubs


Apply mulch around trees 3-4″ deep, keeping the mulch 6″ away from the trunk. This will provide your trees much needed insulation during the winter months

Provide trees with fall deep root fertilization (see article)


Inspect trees for weak branches that may become hazardous in an ice/snow storm.

Prune out dead, dying and broken limbs in order to reduce stress.

For assistance with these procedures please contact K.C. Arborist for a fall evaluation!