Early Fall Color Could Be A Sign of Distress

Here in the Kansas City area, people will soon enjoy one of nature’s

finest shows- fall foliage. Color-changing leaves make for a beautiful

display, but early changes in leaf-color can be a sign that your tree is

stressed and is susceptibile to insect and disease attack.

If the leaves on your trees seem to have gotten a jump-start on fall

compared with those on similar trees in the area you might want to

consult a professional arborist who can identify any problems and offer

possible solutions.

Premature colors can be an indication that a tree is not vigorous

enough to withstand insects and disease organisms that may attack

it, not to mention the usual changes that occur when the weather

turns cold.

Occasionally, one one or two limbs of the tree will show premature

fall color. This could be a sign of a disease at work, weakening only

the infected limbs. The more common situation is tor the entire tree

to exhibit premature fall coloration, a phenomenon usually linked to

root-related stress.

Sourced sited from the Tree Care Industry Association.