Kermes Oak Scale Attacks in the Metro


Kansas City Arborist Kermes Oak Scale Symptoms In the early fall and late spring months, home owners should be on alert for a tiny,

round insect called kermes oak scale. Although these insects are smaller than a pea,

they have been responsible for massive amounts of damage on Bur Oak and Pin Oak

trees in the Kansas City metro area. Kermes oak scale insects can squeeze their way

into the smallest cracks and crevices of a tree’s bark, trunk and branches. Bur oak

kermes scale begins hatching and attacking newly expanding leaves as early as April;

while the pin oak kermes scale hatches in the beginning weeks of September. The

insects weaken the branches of the infected tree and cause mature leaves to become

distorted. The current year’s growth may begin to turn brown and die back, causing

an unsightly appearance. The results of a kermes oak scale infestation can be

devastating to a tree’s overall health if proper measures are not taken immediately.

If you suspect that your oak tree may be suffering from kermes oak scale, it is important

to have the tree evaluated to prevent further damage from occurring. K.C. Arborist

specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and control of insects and diseases for trees and

shrubs. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding these issues.