Drought & Heat Alert – Your Trees & Shrubs Are in Danger

Keep your trees and shrubs out of danger by monitoring the drought and heat alert.Extreme Drought Alert!!!

Deep Root Tree And Shrub Watering Services Immediately Available!

Commercial & Residential Deep Root Watering Services Will Recharge & Revitalize your Trees.

K.C. Arborist has dedicated certified arborists who have been caring for trees for decades. Through this extensive experience, they know that Deep Root Watering is essential during extreme drought period like we are now experiencing. Insufficient watering makes your property’s shrubs and plants more susceptible to insects and disease. It can also cause trees to prematurely drop their leaves or needles. During these difficult environmental conditions adding supplemental watering to the maintenance of your property is essential to keep trees and shrubs vibrant and healthy.

Addtionally, deep root watering conserves irrigation water, prompts trees to develop deep roots, helps prevent fungal spores from splashing from the soil onto foliage, and avoids runoff and erosion.

Our Deep Root Watering Service Uses Natural Plant Extracts!

You never get a second chance when it comes to preventative care for your trees and shrubs.  Make sure your plants and shrubs look green and healthy with our supplemental watering service. It combines natural soil penetrants like Yuccah, which allow soil to retain more valuable water and much needed moisture for your property’s trees and plants during these difficult times.

Protect your property’s most valuable asset; Your Trees!  Get Started Today!