3 Ways to Protect Your Trees This Summer & Fall

Don’t leave your trees vulnerable to construction or weather this summer and fall. It’s important to protect young and old trees to keep your property beautiful and healthy. Here are some ways to preserve your trees and keep them out of harm’s way.

Keep Soil From Compacting

Protecting Trees from Construction and Weather

Compacted soil prevents proper flow of nutrients and water moving through a tree’s root system, which can negatively affect the entire tree. The tree becomes weaker, and more vulnerable to disease and insects. Construction or even everyday foot and vehicle traffic can cause the problem. If you’re on a residential or commercial building site, this can be a common issue. Preserve your trees by breaking up and aerating soil around trees. KC Arborists prefers to use a spoke pattern with an Air Spade to revitalize soil.

Protect Tree Roots

When preparing for construction, it is important not to overlook the trees and plants on your property. Severe damage to tree roots can kill a tree. One way to prevent this is to use Cambistat.  Cambistat is a soil-applied product that is absorbed through the roots. It gently slows the growth of trees, and redirects the tree’s energy to growing defense chemicals, fibrous root production, and other uses that make the tree healthier and more resilient to stress.

Hire a Professional

If you’re not sure how to care for your trees before you begin construction, call KC Arborist. We can provide you with a basic arborist consultation with an ISA Certified Arborist. We can consider your concerns, problems, landscape design and goals, and propose a plan to protect and improve your property. We will assess your tree health and provide you with ways to improve upon it.

Call KC Arborist at (913) 390-0033 or (816) 965-0539 for tree preservation services.