3 Reasons Your Trees Need Trimming

Trim TreesWhile summer is a time to relax and take vacation, don’t forget about your yard! Taking care of it this summer will pay off big time when it comes to the health of your yard and the safety of your family and property. Whether you live in Brookside or Overland Park, Lee’s Summit or Waldo, here are three reasons why you need to trim your trees and shrubbery this summer with the help of KC Arborists.

Keep Your Trees & Shrubbery Healthier

Trimming, or pruning, the trees and shrubbery in your yard actually helps to keep your yard greener and healthier. Removing dead, damaged and diseased material helps prevent insects and decay organisms from working their way into an otherwise healthy tree. Trimming trees also allows air and sunlight to permeate dense canopy and reach other branches and plants below. When trimming, you can also cut out crossing branches, which can prevent them from rubbing together which damages the tree. Lastly, you can keep your trees healthier with trimming by cutting down old heavy branches that might cause wood to tear and be damaged.

Maintain Natural Tree Growth

Regularly trimming your trees and plants can also help them keep their natural form. Trees and plants, left to grow unruly, often grow erratic branches that can change the growth habit of other parts of the plant. This can leave you with a lopsided tree. Regular trimming and pruning to keep form is especially helpful for plants and trees that might be growing into a neighbor’s yard.

Keep Your Family & Neighbors Safer

Keeping your trees trimmed and neat not only helps their health and beauty, but it can also keep your yard, family and neighbors safer. Correct pruning practices actually help create and maintain a stronger tree structure. It can also take care of hanging branches or limbs that are threatening to fall. This can prevent safety hazards like heavy falling branches that can hurt people and damage cars and your home’s structure. It’s always a good idea to keep trees properly pruned before storm season which can cause lots of damage to your property under the wrong condition.


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