Winter Stresses on Trees & Shrubs

Snow is putting stress on Evergreen tree in the KC area.Winter’s heavy snow and ice, as well as frozen soil conditions can damage trees and shrubs. Even areas without major snowfall experience high winds and fluctuations in temperatures, causing serious stress for cherished landscapes. On sunny days in the winter, the tree’s trunk and main limbs can warm to 15 degrees higher than the air temperature. As soon as the sun’s rays stop reaching the stem, its temperature plummets, causing injury or permanent damage to the bark.

The two main types of injury are known as sun scald and frost cracking. The effects of sun scald and frost cracking can be reduced by sound arboricultural practices to maintain overall health. This would include covering the trunks of young, susceptible trees with a suitable tree wrap.

Winter is a good times to prune your trees while they are dormant. This encourages the formation of the strongest possible branches and branch attachments. With no leaves on the tree the arborist is also able to evaluate its architecture and spot dead or diseased branches. The arborist will also be able to determine any potential hazards that may result in damage to your trees or property this season.

If moderate storm damage does occur, restoring the tree to its former health may take some time. However, the tree can usually make a full recovery if broken and hazardous limbs are removed immediately.

For your convenience, K.C. Arborist offers a 24 hour emergency response service. If you should experience any emergency damage, you may reach us after hours at 913.522.4993