K.C. Arborist Stays Busy Cleaning Up After Storms

KC Arborist assists with tree cleanups through the KC area after giant snowstorm.As if one heavy snowfall wasn’t enough, Kansas City was pounded by three heavy snow storms in February and March.  The heavy snow caused tree damage all over the city.  Power lines, cars and homes fell victim to heavy limbs that snapped under the weight of the snow.  Many smaller limbs were snapped from the trees and scattered throughout properties.

As promised, K.C. Arborist had crews standing by and sprung into action where they were needed.  Our ISA Certified Arborists were able to evaluate each situation and with the proper equipment, they repaired a significant amount of trees.  Unfortunately several trees weren’t able to withstand the harsh Winter elements and were removed with great care for each client’s property.

If you are in need of storm tree cleanup, we are happy to assist! Call us at 913-390-0033.