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Spring 2014
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Bigger and Better Toys
Emerald Ash Borer Update
How To Help Your Trees Recover from a Harsh Winter
Kansas City Stil in a Drought?!?
Tree & Shrub Healthcare Calendar
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Bigger and Better Toys 2014 Isuzu Sherrill Professional Tree Truck
Coming soon to our fleet….this beauty!  We are excited to be adding this new tree and shrub healthcare unit to our fleet of trucks this Spring.  This 2014 Isuzu, Sherrill Tree Professional Spray Rig has a 900 gallon capacity allowing K.C. Arborist to better service larger trees at a higher efficiency rate This state of the art equipment brings value, productivity and safety for our customers and our technicians which are standards that KC Arborist holds high. Be looking for pictures of our Tree and Shrub Healthcare Technicians in action with the new truck in upcoming newsletters!
With this truck comes our new logo package!!!!  Start looking for us on the street and in upcoming newsletters to see our new look!  Spring has sprung and we are gearing up to grow!!!
Chipper Truck 1390
In addition to our fleet growing on the Healthcare side, our fleet is expanding with an additional new Ford Chipper Truck along with a brand new 15″ capacity 1390 Bandit Chipper.  We are excited to see this truck out on the streets working hard! Make sure you keep an eye out for us on the road or in your neighborhood!!!
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Emerald Ash Borer Update
Emerald Ash Borer continues to wreak havoc across the Midwest.  Currently the entire Kansas City Metro Area is under quarantine regarding the Emerald Ash Borer, as Wyandotte County was just added to the list recently. Please remember that this quarantine restricts the movement of ash trees to different counties, even for firewood.  Here at KC Arborist we are doing our part to keep this pest under control.  You can do your part as well!

In order to prevent your ash tree from becoming infested, we recommend a preventative stem or soil injection, depending on the size of your tree. Trees less than 6″ in diameter may be treated annually with systemic insecticide injected into the soil. Trees greater than 6″ in diameter may be treated every two years with an insecticide injected directly into the trunk of your tree. This treatment combined with solid general tree care practices such as pruning, watering, and mulching will minimize the risk of your ash tree becoming infested.

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How To Help Your Trees Recover from a Harsh Winter and the Storm to come!MH Tree Trimming
Just what everyone wanted! Another winter storm, but it’s in the news and getting ready to hit.  Remember, should you have any emergency damage, just call us and we will be there to help in time of need!  Our phones are answered 24/7 and our crews work in all conditions.
After this upcoming storm and a Winter of record low temps and multiple heavy snowfalls, Kansas Citians are ready for warmer weather and sunshine.  When you are preparing your landscape for Spring, here are some things to pay close attention to:
  • Check your trees for damage that may have occurred over the Winter. Our arborists can help you evaluate any damage and come up with a plan to treat the damage.
  • Check mulch rings to see if additional material needs to be added. If the mulch is less than 2 inches thick, grass growing through it may become troublesome. Enlarge mulch rings whenever possible. Make sure you don’t make a mulch hill.  Always make sure the mulch is even around the truck to the rest of the mulch as to allow all water and feeding to drench the soil evenly.
  • Many insects and diseases are active during the Spring months. Check your trees and shrubs regularly for any sign of pest activity. Contact KC Arborist to put a Tree Health Care Plan in place to prevent and/or treat insects and diseases that are prevalent in the Spring.
  • If our Spring weather is dry, be sure to deeply water your trees and shrubs when necessary. Water is critical during leaf and shoot development. Our ArborBrew can help seal in moisture and healthy organisms where trees need it most.
  • Fertilize trees and shrubs as part of your normal annual Tree Health Care Plan.
  • Remove critical risk trees if your certified arborist recommends.
  • Weed beds, cut back perennials and trim fall flowering shrubs as appropriate. Our arborists are happy to give you a free estimate on your trimming needs.
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Kansas City still in a Drought?!?!
After the abundance of snow that Kansas City received this winter, the word “drought” doesn’t seem like it should apply to our area.  However, 12 inches of snow typically only equals 1 inch of rain.  According to the National Weather Service, the Kansas City Metro is experiencing abnormally dry conditions.

Trees affected by drought suffer decreased rates of diameter and height growth, poor resistance to other stresses, disruption of food production and distribution and are more prone to insect infestation and disease

K.C. Arborist’s very own Arbor Brew Compost Tea helps increase tolerance against drought. Compost teas apply beneficial organisms to plant surfaces so disease-causing organisms cannot find infection sites or food resources. These beneficial organisms provide nutrients as well. As a soil drench, compost tea develops a biological barrier around roots to prevent root disease-causing organisms from being able to find the roots. The tea also provides nutrients for the roots to improve plant growth and improves nutrient and moisture retention. K.C. Arborist Tree Care utilizes Arbor Brew compost tea to maintain healthy soils in existing landscapes as well as repair damaged soils following construction damage.

Keep Soil Healthy With Compost

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Tree & Shrub Healthcare Calendar
When is the best time to prune trees? What about new plantings, or putting down mulch? To keep your trees and plants in ultimate health, it’s important to care for them at the appropriate times of the year.  This Tree and Shrub Healthcare Calendar shows a timeline of optimal times of the year to tend to your plants and trees.  K.C. Arborist follows this timeline carefully to ensure that your Plant Health Care is performed at just the right time. Take a look below! Click here for a printable version.
Upcoming Events

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Northwest MO State Career Fair
March 11
Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City Spring Gardening Seminar
March 15
William Jewell College
Johnson County Healthy Yards Expo
March 29
Shawnee Civic Center
Arbor Day
April 25
Kansas Arborist Association Graduates
K.C. Arborist is proud of our latest KAA Graduates, now Kansas Certified Arborists!
new graduates Certified Arborists
Ed Cheatham, Crew Foreman
Jody Niccum Tree Tchnician and Consulting Arborists
Jody Niccum, Tree Healthcare Technician/Consulting Arborist
Both Ed and Jody studied hard and did what it took to pass!  Congratulations to you both!!!
K.C. Arborist is Hiring!
We are always looking for additional candidates, with great personalities, love for nature, and the desire to learn about trees. 
We also are looking for the more experienced certified arborists to bring on board as well!  If you are looking for a tree company to work for, we are one of the best! 
Just follow this link to contact us and send us your resume!
Is a Must!!!
K.C. Arborist believes that accountability is the only way to do things right.  We have several best business practices which address from how the office is run to the safety and efficiency of our crews; safety and prevention are key, as well as networking and being a part of our community. 
We take pride in staying accountable before the associations that make sure we, as a company, are staying on the right course!  Here are just a few of who we are knit in with:
ISA Cert Arb On Staff
  Kansas Arborists Association
Award form Angies List
Check out our reviews on Angie’s List! 
Keep Track of Managing Healthy Shrubs
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