3 Reasons to Remove Stumps in Your Yard

Removing Tree StumpMany homeowners will cut down a tree and neglect to remove its stump. Thinking that their problems are over, they will put off the removal of the unsightly stump until it starts to cause a whole different batch of problems. Very often, removing a tree stump can be a difficult chore and it may require professional services – particularly if the tree belongs to a species that grows its roots deep down into the earth. This professional service is well worth the cost though, because it will spare you from many yard and garden woes.

That Stump Can Lead to Accidents

We know that the safety and health of you and your family is your top priority. That’s why you should remove that old stump ASAP. You or your children can trip over the stump or its exposed roots. Depending on how far it sticks out of the ground, you can easily miss it when running around the yard. You can also damage your mower if you hit it accidentally while mowing your lawn.

A Stump in Your Yard is Definitely an Eyesore

“Stump.” The word itself doesn’t sound that appealing, and visually it isn’t either. It will severely limit your gardening and yard maintenance efforts. You will have to maneuver around it every time you mow the lawn. Moreover, should you want to landscape your yard, that stump will prevent you from doing a thorough job.

It Can Bring Harmful Insects to Your Property

Even if you are willing to live with an unattractive stump in your garden, you need to consider that this stump can house insects that can be harmful to other plants in your yard and beyond. Most of all, that stump is attractive to wood-boring pests such as termites, and these can move on to invade your home. Think about the health and well being of the rest of your yard, and even your home.

Cutting down a tree and leaving a stump doesn’t necessarily mean you are rid of the tree. New growth can sprout from that stump – an even uglier development in your yard. Getting rid of new shoots can be quite troublesome, particularly if these grow on the ground around the stump. Removing a tree stump can be more troublesome than cutting down and the best thing you can do is let the experts take care of it. If you call KC Arborist at (913) 390-0033 or (816) 965-0539, you will get the information and the service you need to make sure that unsightly tree stump is gone for good.