Affordable Tree Care Services For Independence, MO

KC Arborist provides professional tree services in Independence, Missouri. Our company technicians care for tree health on an ongoing basis in order to promote tree preservation. Our highly skilled arborists will also perform tree trimming and tree pruning, and address specific tree health care issues, such as measures to help safeguard your trees from the Emerald Ash Borer or EAB. We offer comprehensive tree care services.

Our Tree Trimming Services Help Promote Safety

Tree trimming helps protect property owners from liability for branches that create a nuisance by growing onto other people’s property, or extending dangerously close to power lines, rooftops or other structures. This service can often save homeowners stress and money. One important reason to trim unwanted branches involves promoting safety. Old, dead, decayed branches prove far more dangerous to remove than living ones. Let us trim problem branches before they become a nuisance or hazard.

Our Tree Pruning Services Enable Trees to Grow Well

KC Arborist assists Independence residents by offering tree pruning. This service helps ensure that your trees will grow in the desired well-balanced formation, and that they remain better able to withstand strong winds and other threats. Our service promotes tree care and growth. One advantage of the pruning process involves allowing young trees to focus their growth energy on root systems through regular, knowledgeable tree care. This process will greatly enhance the appearance of a yard over the course of several months and years. Property values ultimately benefit.

Why Tree Health Care Issues Matter in Independence

We also address many tree health care issues facing residents of the Independence community. KC Arborist tree care includes efforts to safeguard trees in the community from the devastating impact of an insect called the Emerald Ash Borer, a pest which has recently spread from abroad into many parts of the United States. Emerald Ash Borers can rapidly kill Ash trees. The presence of just one sometimes signals an infestation involving many additional insects. Tree preservation dictates acting promptly when one of these insects is located, since delays can prove unfortunate. KC Arborist will respond promptly to requests from residents of Independence to examine Ash trees and other trees. We’ll look for signs of insect damage and offer professional arborist assistance. Without treatment, Ash trees will die.

Independence Tree Service Customer Testimonial

Owner Brandon Hendrickson called me a couple of times to discuss their service and operations. I wanted a company that did more than just “top” the trees as I too commonly see and he assured me that KC Arborist was different. I contacted him in October, but decided to have the work done in December. They are less busy and offered a “winter discount”.
The service was as advertised. The crew was professional and well equipped. As a bonus, I learned my Elm in the front is a “Siberian Elm” and the Sycamore in the back is actually a “London Plane” tree. What is really impressive is that even 2 1/2 years later the trees look great. Ok, the Elm is an Elm and looks good but not a big fan of Elms. But the transformation of the Sycamore/London Plane tree was stunning. The did a “crown raise” to raise the canopy to 12′ and cleaned out all of the dead limbs and touched up the rest. I am still blown away by how much better it looks and how it now shades the yard without getting in the way. The real test is that because of how they trimmed it, 2 1/2 years of growth has maintained the same raised canopy and great lines as the day they did it.
The other bonus for both trees is that they have fared much better in the Kansas City ice, snow, wind, rain and hail. I will definitely use them again and will most likely schedule them for this fall or winter. Easy to see why they are so busy.
– Bob Page, Independence, MO

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