Tree Care Services In Bucyrus, KS

From tree trimming and pruning to tree preservation and health care, KC Arborist Tree Services have you covered for all of your tree-related maintenance needs. With many decades of combined experience in servicing and protecting trees, our team of professional arborists are proud to serve in the Basehor, KS area. Our team is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and KC Arborist Tree Services meets all the ANSI regulations for tree care operations and safety. Our top priorities are safety and service, from planting new trees to servicing heritage arbors, and everything in between.

Professional Arborist Services

Our wide range of tree care services includes tree pruning, tree removal and replacement, tree health care and preservation, tree disease and insect control and prevention, deep root fertilization, stump grinding and removal, tree cabling and bracing, land clearing, and the emerald ash borer treatment.

Tree Health Care and Preservation

Most people don’t think of trees as needing health care and are surprised to find out that trees are actually prone to a variety of diseases and attacks from insects, fungi, and bacteria. KC Arborist Tree Services in Basehor, KS uses cutting-edge equipment to protect young trees and preserve old trees from many different threats. The most recent attack on the trees in Basehor has come in the form of the emerald ash borer. This is an insect with no natural predators which bores into and kills ash trees very quickly. The insect has already devastated several thousand ash tree populations in Canada and twelve northern states of the U.S. At KC Arborist Tree Services, we are able to treat ash trees with a preventative that will protect them from the emerald ash borer attacks, as well as treat trees which are already being threatened. Other health care services include evaluating a tree’s soil conditions, sampling and testing, fertilization, water management, mulching, root crown inspections, and air spading. We are committed to protecting the trees of Basehor, KS and enhancing their health and natural beauty for years to come. Our passion is for healthy trees to thrive in our community, leaving a beautiful botanical legacy for generations to come.