Mission Hills Professional Tree Care Company

Tree Trimming in Mission Hills provided by KC Arborists PhotoIf you live in Mission Hills, KS, and you are looking for a tree care company, KC Arborist is the company to call. We can handle any kind of tree care from simple trimming to disease and insect control to tree preservation to tree removal. We even plant new trees. Our experts will keep your trees healthy and beautiful for years to com.

  • Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming Service
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Health Care
  • Tree Preservation
  • Tree Replacement & Tree Planting

We Are Mission Hills’ Official Tree Protection Company

KC Arborist was recently awarded the city contract to care for the trees in Mission Hills. We protect your city from low hanging branches and limbs that are too close to power lines. We also fertilize and spray for diseases and insects. A new threat to trees in Mission Hills is the Emerald Ash Borer. This insect has made its way down from the north to infect Ash trees in our area. They are extremely destructive and can kill a full sized tree in just a couple of years. Our arborists are trained to recognize the symptoms and treat the trees as soon as possible to save them from destruction. We’ve already removed over 163 Ash trees in Mission Hills and are fighting to save the Ash trees that are left.

Our Tree Trimmers Are Insured for Your Safety

Trimming and removing trees can be a dangerous job. When our tree trimmers come to your Mission Hills home, you can relax knowing that they are fully insured against any accidents. These professionals have been trained to follow strict safety precautions when trimming or removing trees, so an accident is very unlikely. But, when you hire less professional tree care companies, you can’t always be sure.

Call Us for Emergency Tree Service in Mission Hills

Besides our normal tree care services, KC Arborist stands ready to be there after a storm. Strong winds and too much ice can damage trees in Mission Hills. Fallen limbs and trees can cause property damage if they land on homes, cars, or other structures. Removing these trees can be difficult and dangerous, and calling a professional is always recommended. We have the personnel, equipment, and experience to handle any storm situation quickly and safely. If you need tree care service in Mission Hills, KC Arborist is the tree care company to call.

For a professional on-site appointment and pruning estimate for Mission Hills, Call 913-390-0033 or contact us.