Professional Tree Care in Lenexa, KS

Lenexa tree trimming and pruning servicesTo stay healthy, trees in Lenexa, KS need the attention of a professional arborist like K.C. Arborist. Homes are enhanced when surrounded by healthy trees. Trees shield the home from the elements and provide shade. However, trees don’t stay nicely shaped and can contract any number of diseases. Storms play havoc with vulnerable trees, whipping off leaves and snapping off branches. When you need help with tree care, tree trimming or general tree health, call K.C. Arborist. Our tree services include:

  • Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming Services
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Health Care Programs
  • Tree Preservation
  • Tree Replacement & Tree Planting

Arborists Are Tree Care Specialists

Arborists are specialists in taking care of trees. They have the education and training to know how to deal with almost any tree situation a client might have. Arborists have the experience to check a tree for damage and know how to choose the best way to deal with everything from leaves falling at the wrong time of year to restoring that lovely tree, which has suffered from some infestation, back to health.

We Save Trees in Lenexa

The specialists at K.C. Arborist do far more than make cosmetic changes to trees in the Lenexa area. We look at the overall health of the tree. When we’re called in, we carefully assess the health of the tree. We check the bark and leaves and the soil around the tree. Our trained arborists figure out what needs to be done, when it is best to do it and accomplish the task with as little stress as possible to the tree and with as little hassle to the customer as possible. We save hundreds of trees each year through our tree care services.

Improper Tree Trimming Can Damage or Kill Healthy Trees

Many believe that with a saw and a ladder, they can do a little tree trimming. Yes, most anyone can lop off branches. However, tree trimming is more than slashing branches. Too often, the amateur ends up trimming too severely and harming the tree. The amateur may also trim the tree at the wrong time of year. We here in Lenexa KS, know the proper techniques for trimming, are careful not to trim more than necessary and do so only when optimal for the health and well-being of the tree. Call us for any tree services you may need.

The Best Tree Care in Lenexa

Our job at K.C. Arborist in Lenexa, KS is to provide the highest quality tree care possible. Our staff consists of qualified arborists who have years of experience and are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Our standards are high because we want our customers to know we value their trees and their property. Call KC Arborist for all of your tree care needs.

Customer Testimonial

“Justin came out and gave us a detailed estimate. We compared them to three others and chose KC arborist based on price and what they said they would do for our back yard. (Trim up the ash and take out a large river birch). After the initial estimate I got a few more estimates and called them back. Justin was great to talk with and the wait was only about 3 weeks out. They arrived the day and time they said they would. A cold front was coming through that day and there were strong winds and rain but they did the job regardless. The large tree was removed and stump ground down very well. All debris was picked up. What an excellent crew and we will definitively use them again when the time comes.”
– Charles Bristow, Lenexa, KS

For a professional on-site appointment and pruning estimate for Lenexa, Call 913-390-0033 or contact us.