Lee’s Summit, MO Tree Trimming Services

Lee's Summit tree trimming and pruning servicesKC Arborist offers quality tree trimming and tree services to residents of Lee’s Summit, MO. We are a professional tree service company who provides a wide range of tree care services to both maintain and preserve your valuable landscapes. In addition to being reliable and consistent, we use only top-of-the-line products and equipment to provide you with the ultimate results. KC Arborist is fully licensed to operate in the state and we employ arborists who are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Also, since tree care is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States, we are fully insured to cover any property damage, personal liability and worker’s compensation. The specific services that we offer include tree trimming, tree removal, tree health care and tree preservation.

  • Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming Service
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Health Care Program
  • Tree Preservation
  • Tree Replacement & Tree Planting

Tree Trimming Enhances the Natural Beauty of Trees

KC Arborist’s tree trimming services enhance the natural beauty and appearance of young trees in Lee’s Summit and reduce the need for corrective tree services down the line. Our tree pruning services include the removal of broken, dead or diseased branches to maximize the beauty of the tree, to reduce the need for eventual structural support and to protect against storm damage. As a result of our tree trimming services, your property will increase in value and create visual access to the surrounding environment.

Tree Removal that Leaves Your Yard Beautiful

Tree trimming is just one aspect of tree care. We realize that there are cases where tree removal is necessary, and KC Arborist Tree Care Specialists will analyze the specific situation to determine the proper method of removal. We have a fleet of very effective and efficient tree removal equipment to make sure that the removal project is performed as economically and securely as possible. In addition to the tree removal process, we provide other tree services such as arborist installed premium replacement trees, stump removal, stump grinding, removal of stump grindings and topsoil replacement. Your Lee’s Summit yard will look great when we are finished.

We Provide Complete Tree Care Services for Lee’s Summit

The arborists at KC Arborist Tree Care Specialists are experts at tree trimming and pruning, but also in diagnosing tree problems. We can provide tree health care to combat the diseases and insects that often affect Lee’s Summit trees. Examples of our tree health care plans include fertilization, soil care, root crown inspections, water management, and insect and disease management. Along with health care, our arborists are experts at tree preservation and we provide services that both protect and preserve young or mature trees. Call us for all of your tree services.

Lee’s Summit Customer Testimonial

“Jody came out, I told him what I wanted and I was emailed an estimate that day. Jody explained it would be 2-3 weeks before they could work me in, but that was not an issue for me since there wasn’t an immidiate need for me to have the tree’s done any sooner. I chose K.C. Arborist because I wanted to have a company that knew what they were doing. I didn’t want my tree’s to end up looking butchered. I was extremely happy with the results. I think my tree’s look lovely. The Bradford Pear was machine ground below ground level which I feel is worth the extra cost to have done. My neighbors used another company who took down a tree of theirs and they have a huge unsightly stump in their yard that they will have to mow around for years to come. My brother-in-law came to visit after I had the tree’s done and he told me it looked like whoever I had do the tree’s really knew what they were doing. He’s not one to dole out compliments very often so I know he meant it. I would use K.C. Arborist again. I found them to be a very professional operation and everyone I encountered was friendly and a pleasure to do business with.”
— Karen McCowan, Lee’s Summit, MO

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