Stump Grinding and Removal Services

stump grinding removal kansas cityAfter removing a tree, many people stop with cutting the tree stump flush with ground level. This is the most cost effective way of removing a tree. However, there are hazards to this as well. Tripping over exposed roots, and stumps could possibly be painful, as well as these roots are aesthetically unpleasing to the eye. It can attract unwanted insects and diseases, making other trees, shrubs and plants susceptible as well. Many Kansas City neighborhoods have home owners association rules regarding tree stumps as well.

In additional to keeping the yard safe, up keeping the look of your lawn and staying proactive against insects and diseases; there are other benefits to removing your tree stumps. Many people use the grindings of a stump as mulch to place in other plant beds. It is cost effective to recycle your grindings in such a way. Stump removals also keep your property value at its highest.

One additional way to maintain a high property value is Tree Replacement Planting. K.C. Arborist recommends you plant a new tree when one is removed. Once we grind the stump out, haul away the chips (or use them elsewhere on the property); we can either replant a tree right there or refill it with topsoil and over seed the area. This allows you to plant a tree strategically a few feet away, in another area all together or right where the last one came out. Speak with one of our ISA Certified Arborists to learn the best option for your landscape and tree planting needs.

K.C. Arborist is equipped to grind out any size stump, in any location. We take the utmost care for your property and surrounding area of the stump as to make sure we leave your lawn as untouched and beautiful as possible. We further adhere to a “Call Before You Dig” policy for the safety of all involved. Unlike many stump removal companies, we offer a complete clean up service which includes fresh topsoil, over seeding or even sod installation. We tailor each estimate to the client’s needs so we do all the work and you don’t have to. Just sit back and enjoy all the tree care services we provide for the Kansas City area!!!