K.C. Arborist Services

K.C. Arborist Professional Tree Care & Management

K.C. Arborist is a professional tree management company, committed to providing flawless execution of arboricultural services that enhance the beauty, health and safety of trees. Our approach to tree care is to predefine the services that are necessary and prioritize work functions over a period of time that best fits into your budget. The objective is to provide necessary care and safety to your trees while eliminating expensive “crisis calls.”

At K.C. Arborist, our top priority is service. Regardless of the scope of the project, our experienced professionals are ready to help every step of the way. K.C. Arborist offers a wide range of service plans to cover every kind of arboricultural need, from nurturing and preserving heritage trees to selecting and planting the best new additions to your green spaces. Whatever your requirements, you’ll find K.C. Arborist puts customer service first. Our goal is to exceed our clients expectations from the first phone call to the last bit of cleanup, regardless of the size of the project, backed by 24 hour emergency service and an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

It is vitally important to prune or trim your trees. There are various kinds of pruning, all of which are important depending on your property and goals. Read more

Tree Removals

Reasons for removing a tree vary upon circumstances, health, treatment options, allergies and more. K.C. Arborist Certified Arborists are able to look at a tree and determine whether it should be removed. Read more

Tree Health Care

K.C. Arborist offers customers a comprehensive tree protection service that gives customers a complete analysis of their tree and soil environments. The tree service begins with a certified arborist’s evaluation of a tree’s soil conditions, sampling and testing. Tree diagnosis and health plans include; plant fertilization, water management, mulching, root crown inspections, air spading, insect and disease management. Read More

Tree Preservation

As a specialist in the care of individual trees, K.C. Arborist performs services that protect and preserve both mature and young trees. New cutting-edge equipment enables K.C. Arborist to preserve mature trees enabling customers to preserve the beauty of our urban environment. Read More

Replacement Planting

It’s always important to whenever possible replace a removed tree with one that fits perfectly within the surrounding environment and goals you have for your landscape. Trees enrich our lives in so many ways. Replacing a tree today can enrich your life now, in the future, and has economic and ascetic benefits. Besides your house, trees and shrubs are probably the most valuable asset on your property (up to 15% of your property value). Make sure to ask a certified arborist which type of tree would work best for you to receive the most enjoyment and value for your property. Read More

New Tree Planting

Plant a tree, help the environment, add to the value of your property!!! K.C. Arborist can assist with selecting what specimen would work beautifully for you, and make sure the tree is properly planted for optimum health. Contact us today! Read More

Disease and Insect Control

K.C. Arborist’s Insect and Disease Management philosophy is one of prevention first, action when needed, followed by maintenance. By reducing initial stress to your trees and shrubs, many disease and insect problems can be avoided. Inspection of trees and their problems is the first plan of action and a preventative plan of action is recommended.

When insects and diseases are already present, K.C. Arborist then applies organic and environmentally approved products to resolve the problem. When diseases and insects are eliminated, K.C. Arborist applies customized fertilizers, monitors watering, and inspects your trees with periodic visits. Read More

Arborist Consulting

K.C. Arborist’s consultations offer complete evaluations and reporting performed by an ISA certified arborist. Consulting services and arborist reports include but are not limited to; tree value appraisals, tree inventories, tagging, mapping, decay detection and measurement, budgetary management plans and hazard assessments. Read More

Deep Root Fertilization

Trees exist in an environment characterized by natural cycles and the recycling of essential elements. Growing in niches suitable to their species, trees shed their parts or die, returning organic material to the soil. As this organic material decomposes, it conserves the supply of essential elements, such as nitrogen, making these nutrients available. Fertilization can be defined as the addition of required elements to the soil to improve plant health and appearance.

Fertilizers are not plant food. They are combinations of elements that plants require to carry on their normal activities. Trees make their own food through the process of photosynthesis. Without the proper combination of air and soil borne elements, plants cannot function effectively. Our fertilization application can help your trees, shrubs, and evergreens maintain their vitality and beauty. If fertilizing is not a part of your program, we would like to discuss its consideration with you. Read More

Stump Grinding

kansas city tree trimming company, tree removal, stump grinding, cabeling, emerald ash borer treatmentK.C. Arborist is equipped to grind out any size stump, in any location. We further adhere to a “Call Before You Dig” policy for the safety of all involved. Read More

Cabling and Bracing

Trees with structural defects may benefit from cabling and bracing. Cabling and bracing techniques can be an effective means to extend the life of a tree. Our professional arborists are trained to identify defects. If you have trees you believe to be structurally unsound, we can evaluate them and make recommendations. Read More

Debris Hauling

Along with providing complete tree care services, KC Arborist has specialized equipment for large and small debris hauling & removal. Read More

Land Clearing

K.C. Arborist is committed to having the equipment that can handle any land clearing project. Often there are trees that must be dropped and removed from the site. But in many cases, clients ask us to remove some trees and preserve others, so the homeowner has large healthy trees from the time they move in. K.C. Arborist can handle both requests easily. Another common practice for K.C. Arborist during the clearing stage is to grind the trees that we remove and make them into mulch. Read More