Tree Planting & Replacement in Kansas City

tree plantingHaving to remove a tree is a natural part of life. It’s always important to whenever possible replace a removed tree in order to keep Kansas City looking its best. In order to replace a tree one must take into consideration two questions. What tree will fit perfectly within the surrounding environment? What goals do you have for your landscape? You should consider all aspects of your landscape, including the more recent weather patterns Kansas City has been enduring, your personal lifestyle needs, surrounding wildlife habitats and more. There are so many types of trees to choose from and they enrich our lives in so many ways.

Trees provide social, environmental, economic, communal and aesthetic benefits for your property. Besides your house, trees and shrubs are probably the most valuable asset on your property (up to 15% of your property value). When trees are properly chosen and placed appropriately around the home and landscape; they can reduce utility costs up to 50% in the summer and up to 30% in the winter. Communally, these same trees can provide privacy, emphasize views, screen out unpleasant views, and reduce glare and reflection. Probably one of the best contributions a tree makes to your landscape and property would be how they affect the human psyche. Trees give a peaceful, at home feeling. The calming effects can significantly reduce workplace stress and bring tranquility to an otherwise crazy life.

K.C. Arborist has ISA certified arborist who will help you decide which type of tree planting would work best for you, your home and landscape. We have a keen understanding of creating landscape harmony to help you receive the most enjoyment and value for your property. In addition, K.C. Arborist offers a complete line of tree care services so you aren’t left alone to maintain the tree’s longevity. We will help you oversee the proper growth, nutrition, young tree pruning, structural health, disease and insect control management and anything else that may be a concern throughout the growth of your new tree.

All trees are arborist installed and care is taken that the tree is planted at the proper depth. We insure all twine, wire baskets, and burlap baskets are properly removed, the tree is staked and mulched. All trees come with a one year limited replacement warranty.