Tree Health Care Services

Now is the Time to Call the Kansas City Tree Experts at K.C. Arborist Tree Care

K.C. Arborist offers a comprehensive tree protection service that gives a complete analysis of the client’s trees and soil environments. The analysis begins with a certified arborist’s evaluation of a tree’s growing environment, and may include sampling and testing of the soil conditions or leaf tissue. Tree diagnosis and health plans include; soil care, fertilization, water management, mulching, root crown inspections, air spading, insect and disease management.

Insect & Disease Protection & Treatment Plans

Our Arborists are experts in diagnosing Kansas City tree problems. We offer solutions for the insects and diseases that commonly affect Kansas City’s trees.

Your certified arborist will:

  • Positively identify the problem(s) that your tree is experiencing.
  • Discuss all possible treatment options.
  • Measure your trees for an accurate price estimate.
  • If you are not home, email or mail your proposal and follow-up to discuss details and answer any of your questions.
  • Treatments For Insect Or Disease Control ( Foliar Applications, Systemic Treatments, Injections)

KC Arborists offer insect and disease protection and treatment plans.
For many insect pests and tree diseases, spray treatments are the most effective and cost efficient method to regain or maintain tree health. However, for certain issues soil injections, bark treatments, trunk injections may be the most effective and environmentally conscious treatment method. In all cases it is important to correctly identify what the problem is.

Kansas City’s Most Common Insect & Disease Problems

    • Ash Trees:
      Ash Anthracnose treatment kansas cityemerald ashborer treatment kansas city Ash Borers & Ash Anthracnose pose a serious threat to your tree’s health. We have proven environmentally friendly applications to mitigate these risks.>>For More Information on the Emerald Ash Borer, CLICK HERE
    • Crabapples and Hawthorns:
      Apple scab treatment in kansas city Rust and Scab are serious fungal issues causing premature defoliation. We can keep your ornamental trees healthy and beautiful throughout the growing season.
    • Pines:
      Diplodia Tip Blight Tip Blight & Needle Blight causing brown needles is a big problem for Kansas City’s pine trees. We can keep these problems under control and keep your pines healthy.
    • Oaks & Birch:
      Iron Chlorosis Pin oak Pale, yellow leaves and early leaf drop are the result of a nutrient deficiencies. We can get to the root of the problem and restore your tree’s health.
    • Spruce:
      Spruce Spider Mite Spru Rhizosphaera needle cast and spruce spider mites are two serious offenders affecting our urban forests spruce trees. With proper timing and applications we can prevent these issues and often eliminate existing outbreaks.

ArborBrew Compost Tea Application (Soil Care)

help prevent disease causing organisms and provide tree nutrients
Compost teas apply beneficial organisms to plant surfaces so disease-causing organisms cannot find infection sites or food resources. These beneficial organisms provide nutrients as well. As a soil drench, compost tea develops a biological barrier around roots to prevent root disease-causing organisms from being able to find the roots. The tea also provides nutrients for the roots to improve plant growth and improves nutrient and moisture retention. K.C. Arborist Tree Care utilizes Arbor Brew compost tea to maintain healthy soils in existing landscapes as well as repair damaged soils following construction damage.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Trees & Shrubs

arbor brew helps keep trees healthy in kansas city area

  • Improved Drought Tolerance
  • 100% Organic
  • Increased Soil Biology
  • Increases Soil Structure
  • Enhanced Pest & Disease Resistance
  • Unlocks Essential Nutrients
  • Reduces Soil Compaction
  • Increases Rooting Depth

Deep Root Fertilization

fertilizer treatment helps trees shrubs evergreens stay healthy in kansas city
Fertilizers are not plant food. They are combinations of elements that plants require to carry on their normal activities. Trees make their own food through the process of photosynthesis. Without the proper combination of air and soil borne elements, plants cannot function effectively. Our fertilization application can help your trees, shrubs, and evergreens maintain their vitality and beauty. If fertilizing is not a part of your program, we would like to discuss its consideration with you.


Mulching is one of the most beneficial things a home owner can do for the health of a tree. Mulch can reduce water loss from the soil, minimize weed competition, and improve soil structure. Properly applied, mulch can give landscapes a handsome, well-groomed appearance. Mulch must be applied properly; if it is too deep or if the wrong material is used, it can actually cause significant harm to trees and other landscape plants.

For an ISA Brochure on mulching and further information: Click Here