Kansas City Tree Disease and Insect Control

disease controlK.C. Arborist’s Insect and Disease Management philosophy is one of prevention first, action when needed, followed by maintenance and monitoring. By reducing initial stress to your trees and shrubs, many disease and insect problems can be avoided. An initial inspection of trees, shrubs and plants for any problems is the first plan of action. Proper assessment of plant life with their surrounding landscape will give a clear understanding of what threats are posed. Whether those threats are drought or drowning, insects, fungus, or diseases; K.C. Arborist ISA Certified Arborist have a trained eye for where troubles may arise. Here in Kansas City we are one of the industry’s leading forces in disease and insect control. We continually stay current with our education and research for all forms of tree care services, including tree health care and plant health care.

Disease and insect problems are common within the Kansas City area.
From chewing, sucking and boring insects, along with Kansas City headlines of new insects such as the Emerald Ash Borer there is justification in being concerned. Diseases can be just as startling when noticing brown spots in your tree’s leaves, or an unhealthy canopy. Rest assured though, K.C. Arborist Tree Care has ISA Certified Arborists who have all the educational background to recognize these issues and provide ample care to your property.

K.C. Arborist lives by the motto “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Therefore we have preventative and maintenance plans for our clients to keep their trees, shrubs and plants safe from harm. These plans consist of our Tree and Plant Health Care Technician inspecting your Kansas City property for those threats through periodic visits.

When a threat is detected and /or insects and diseases are already present, K.C. Arborist then applies organic and environmentally approved products to eliminate the problem. Each property is different regarding insects and diseases; therefore K.C. Arborist customizes a treatment plan specifically for you to get your landscape to its optimum health. It’s our goal to make your property disease and insect free, keeping it in a state of continual thriving.

Along with your personalized treatment plan, K.C. Arborist also monitors watering, applies customized fertilizations, and offers several beneficial treatments specifically aimed for urban trees.