Deep Root Fertilization in Kansas City

deep root fertilizationTrees exist in an environment characterized by natural cycles and the recycling of essential elements. Growing in niches suitable to their species, trees shed their parts or die, returning organic material to the soil. As this organic material decomposes, it releases the supply of essential elements, such as nitrogen and humus making these nutrients available. Deep Root Fertilization can be defined as the addition of nutrients being pushed past the soil and directly towards the tree’s feeder roots to improve tree health and appearance. These nutrients would be comparative to vitamins, minerals, and supplements that our human bodies need.

In laymen’s terms; Deep Root Fertilization is pushing past a hard surface to give the tree’s feeder roots exactly what it needs. It’s an injection of vital yet commonly lacking nutrients that trees desperately need to maintain growth, strength, and health. Being in Kansas City, or any urban place can be hard on trees and there are times, additional help is needed. With this help many times, our Kansas City urban and suburban trees become even more beautiful and healthy. Canopies become more vibrant and fuller. Trees even become more resistant to certain diseases or insects.

When speaking with our ISA Certified Arborists regarding our deep root fertilization programs, be rest assured we follow the Tree Care Industry Association’s recommendation as well as the ANSI-A300 Standards. We  can help your trees, shrubs, and evergreens maintain their vitality and beauty through helping add those additional resources back into the soil. If fertilizing is not a part of your program, we would like to discuss its consideration with you. We know you will see the benefits of Deep Root Fertilization!!