Service Area


Residential Properties

K.C. Arborist increases the beauty and value of private residences through its tree and shrub health care programs and general tree care services. Health Care Programs are designed to improve the health of trees and shrubs on your property. Residential customers can now select from a menu of pre-packaged service programs, or choose individual treatments. These customized programs provide visits by our certified technicians on a pre-scheduled basis. Owners, caretakers and real-estate agents always enjoy our pre-planned approach to insect, disease and fertility timing. You can rest assured, K.C. Arborist has your tree and shrub needs taken care of on a timely basis.

Apartment Communities / Multi-Family Housing / Commercial Properties

Many of Kansas City’s largest commercial and property management companies rely on K.C. Arborist’s services to increase the value of their largest landscape investment, their trees. K.C. Arborist’s certified arborists manage and care for a property’s trees, protecting customers against any liability they pose; regardless if the property under management is a multi-site complex or a single structure. K.C. Arborist’s commercial/property management business offers customized services that remain on budget and exceed expectations. K.C. Arborist is known for their ability to work closely within the clients budgets as well as our ability to develop accurate multi-year tree budgets. These budgets are a pro-active approach to tree maintenance that helps to reduce expensive and unexpected crisis calls.

Construction Services / Landscape Contractors

Providing a full line of services to homebuilders, landscape contractors and land developers, K.C. Arborist has become a leading source for both pre and post construction projects. City and state regulations for tree preservation, conservation and replacement have increased the need for our certified arborist staff to be involved in construction projects from design through post construction phases. This ensures customers to the adherence of regulations, guidelines, and increasing the value and beauty of their property through professional tree management.

Municipalities / Parks

K.C. Arborist serves many of the Kansas City and Johnson County area’s county parks and recreation departments. Local municipalities benefit from K.C. Arborist’s services by focusing on the long-term tree requirements of our urban forest.

Golf Course Management

Trees have become an ever-increasing role in golf course management. Through the use of K.C. Arborist’s specialized Tree & Shrub Health Care and General Tree Care services, golf course superintendents, and operations personnel can enhance the layout and challenge of their course while maintaining and preserving its long-term beauty.