Best Practices

K.C. Arborist Best Practices were created by company staff members in order to form a consensus and a standard of how K.C. Arborist operates. They are the guiding principals of the actions and culture of the company. It is a continuous, working document that will be revisited on a regular basis. Adjustments and improvements will be made as customer and market conditions present themselves. All employees are required to know, understand and follow the Best Practices.


It is K.C. Arborist’s position that safety is the # 1 best practice. It is a culture that must permeate throughout the entire organization. Proper training, documentation, and recognition of safe work habits are the foundation of “Safety Best Practices”.

  • All new employees will be trained and documented before operating power equipment.
  • All employees will take responsibility for a safe working environment.
  • Safety meetings will take place weekly.
  • The company will recognize and reward safe working practices.
  • All Employees will be certified in First Aid & CPR.
  • Employees will identify and document potential safety hazards in the estimating process.
  • K.C. Arborist will achieve an accident free workplace by working together as a cohesive team.


  • Always be on time.
  • The customer is always accurate, and is our livelihood.
  • Never take the customer for granted, and always keep a regular flow of communication.
  • We will always be an easy company to work with.
  • Front line has authority to make decisions at all costs to satisfy the customer.
  • Under promise and over deliver.
  • Phone calls will be answered in person and always introduce yourself.
  • All client calls will be returned the day they are received.
  • Any client complaint will be resolved the day it is received.
  • The A.M. is responsible to see the job through completion.
  • When the job is complete, A.M. is to confirm completion with the client.
  • We will formally express gratitude at the completion of each job, both verbally and written.
  • When not knowing an answer or not understanding, we will contact other team members for assistance immediately.


Back log driven sales is the only avenue for company growth. The K.C. Arborist sales staff will be politely aggressive, knowledgeable, helpful, and will at all times be a solution to our customers and potential customer’s problems.

  • We will sell “value added” service.
  • We will smile on the phone, as well as, in person.
  • We will revisit (touch) the customer every quarter.
  • As a general rule, we do not give “bids” we present proposals.
  • We will submit proposals in a thorough and professional format.
  • Sales are not for selfish reasons; we will sell for the good of the company and the crews (field employees) existence.
  • Proposals will be presented and explained in person whenever possible.
  • K.C. Arborist sales people will only be knowledgeable certified arborists.


The office is the center of the companies’ soul and is often the first impression of what it is like to do business with K.C. Arborist. All of the best practices are dealt with on a daily basis in the office environment.

  • Customer Information List to be used for all customer calls.
  • Get to know the customer.
  • Office staff will provide exceptional files and paperwork.
  • Office staff will job cost in a timely manner for job analysis.
  • Office staff will invoice on a daily basis.
  • Office staff will operate as a support team for A.M.’s and operations.


  • We will operate as a support team for our customers, vendors, and employees providing financial, clerical, and technical support in a timely and professional manner.
  • We will process customer billings, vendors invoices, and financial reporting with an emphasis on efficiency, accuracy and timeliness.
  • We will evaluate the costs and benefits of all practices and procedures, implement process improvements, and reduce both organizational and accounting expenses.
  • We will focus our operational planning, budgeting, and spending to adhere to our overall company values and policies.


The K.C. Arborist operations are the company’s backbone and will be treated with respect and dignity. The operational culture will present a sense of pride and ownership. We will provide a place of work that others envy and want to belong to.

  • We will have accurate, thorough time cards and work orders with job number(s).
  • We will have the right equipment for the job.
  • We will have the equipment standardized and completely supplied.
  • All equipment will be clean, sharp and operating properly.
  • We will notify supervisor on the job status.
  • We will always strive to perform the highest standards of service.
  • All employees will immediately report any broken or malfunctioning equipment.
  • All employees will report any injury or property damage as soon as possible to their immediate supervisor or to the office.
  • Employees and crews will support each other and assist one another as a team.


Satisfied customers start with satisfied employees. The people of K.C. Arborist are its essential asset. It is paramount that K.C. Arborist is respectful, responsible and responsive to all of its employees. The Human Resource Department’s customers are the employees of K.C. Arborist.

  • We will provide a work place that is free from discrimination and harassment.
  • We will maintain a respect for cultural diversity and assure open lines of communication between field and office.
  • We will operate an open-door policy where employees can be heard by their supervisors, manager or administration.
  • We will provide benefits that will assure a healthy, engaged workforce.


Image is everything! When people think of K.C. Arborist, they will think of clean, neat equipment and employees. Organized, trustworthy, fair and honest are all the images we will project and live by.

  • Field employees need to have their meals in an unobtrusive area.
  • Field employees will be in full, clean company issued uniforms during all working hours.
  • Sales force, estimators and production managers and will be dressed for professional image such as khakis and tucked-in polo shirts with K.C. Arborist company logos only.
  • We will keep all equipment and rolling stock clean and well organized.
  • When driving company vehicles, we will be attentive, courteous and always give the right of way to others.
  • We will conduct ourselves in a polite and professional manner.